The Hosts

We are real estate investors. It's what we do. Real estate has created streams of passive income that has allowed us more freedom to do the things that we like to do the most. Our mission is to help empower you to begin your journey to financial freedom.

Anthony Vander Meer


Anthony is the founder of Brightside Capital. Him and his wife Sara started their real estate journey in 2005 when they put a down payment on a new construction project in Dumbo, Brooklyn. After a 2-year hold, they sold that property netting $100,000 in profit. They were hooked. Their next investment was a longer hold but netted them a profit of just over $1M. Several years ago, they started they journey in multi-family investing. They still work full time jobs and love what they do however their passion for real estate has made work a nice to have not a must. Their current portfolio consists of $7M AUM with limited partnership in another $12M worth or real estate. Their portfolio has investments in New York, Massachusetts, Utah, and South Carolina. Our team members and advisors have collectively over 80 years in real estate.

Matthew Damon


Mathew Damon is the founder of Broadleaf Real Estate Investments located in the Greater Boston area. His company focuses on re-developing single-family and small multifamily homes for resale and re-developing larger multifamily properties for long-term cash flow and appreciation.  He has successfully developed over $20M in real estate since he began in 2019. In addition, he has over ten years experience in Finance and Analytics leadership in Fortune 100 companies. His greatest joy is being a husband and father to his two wonderful girls.

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